Walpurgisnight 2024

📅30th April 2024
Poster for Walpurgisnight 2024

Walpurgisnacht 2024: Luxembourg’s first Take Back the Night March!

Dear FLINTA* person, how many more times will we have to walk home at night and feel unsafe?

We say no more! It is our right to live freely and fearlessly in Luxembourg’s public spaces! So gear up and prepare yourself for taking back the night on the 30th of April 2024! Let’s come together for a demonstration that is all about empowerment, resistance, and reclaiming public space. Let’s celebrate Walpurgis Night (the night the witches meet) in solidarity with each other and make all of the dark alleys our own.

This march serves not only as a response to the issues we face in the streets at night; ranging from rampant casual sexism and verbal harassment, to sexual and other forms of gender-based violences. It’s also an attempt to create safer spaces together in the streets, during those hours that are normally the most frightening.

We will gather in the park at Kinnekswiss at 7pm and march under the setting sun, walking through the center of the city and finally, holding a vigil together at Casino Luxembourg. This solemn gathering will be a moment to unite; to mourn and honor the FLINTA* people who were injured or killed in and by our heteropatriarchal society.

The March is open to every FLINTA* person who wants to participate.

Are you an individual, a collective, an artist? If you want to contribute something (speech, music, art, photography…) to the demo, or if you have questions, get in touch with Megaphone at info@megaphone.lu or on social media at @megaphone.lu.

Let’s make our voices heard and our presence felt as we reclaim the streets - the night is our ally and together we are invincible!


  • 19:00 Meetup at Kinnékswiss
  • 19:00 Intro talk (Why are we here? What will happen?)
  • 19:10 Awareness team introduction and rules of the evening
  • 19:20 Speech by Megaphone
  • 19:30 Last round of infos and rally cries
  • 19:30 Start of the march
  • 20:30 Arriving at Casino, Gathering
  • 21:00 Performance House of St. Trinity
  • 21:45 Open Mic
  • 22:30 Open Hangout
  • 23:00 End